Comfort and Convenience

One Stop Personalised Concierge Services (PMC)

PMC was set up to provide a one-stop service for international patients looking for specialists' expertise, personalised patient care and cutting-edge technology at our panel of hospitals and medical care providers.

Our panel of medical providers’ dedicated and experienced staff are professionally trained to provide genuine care and comfort, and to attend to the special needs of patients before, during, and, if necessary, after their visit. They are also able to provide advice on the estimated cost of treatments and procedures as offered by the hospitals.

Medical Specialist Arrangement

• We offers a wide range of specialist medical services, both outpatient and inpatient. In accordance with your medical condition needs, we will recommend and schedule medical appointments for you with the appropriate specialists and make all the necessary arrangements for your visit.

• Priority Referrals & Appointments with Doctors.

• Whether you have a preferred primary care physician or need specialty care for a specific medical problem, we are here to help.

Transport arrangement

• As a visitor to Singapore, you may not be familiar with how to get around. PMC staff will be happy to make your transport arrangements for you to ensure you get to all your appointments on time.

• Flight Arrangements & Extensions

• Should your treatment take longer than expected, we will assist you in altering your flight arrangements and extending your visa, if required.

• Airport Transfer Services by Ambulance/Limousine

• Upon request, PMC staff can arrange for transport from the airport to the hospital or your hotel via ambulance or limousine.

Accomodation arrangement

PMC staff will gladly assist you in locating and reserving a hotel or serviced apartment to keep you in the style you are accustomed to.

For your convenience, we will arrange for hotel properties that are located near the respective hospitals or as per your specified requirement.

Special Arrangements

• We also offer a range of non-medical services to make your stay in Singapore a pleasant one.

• Language Interpretation Assistance. PMC can arrange for interpreters and translation services for a number of languages to ensure communication barriers are eliminated.

• Special Food & Beverage / Religious Arrangements. If you are on a special diet or would like a spiritual care provider of your own religion, do inform us and we can make the necessary arrangements.

• Local Sightseeing Tours. If you are up to some sightseeing while you are in Singapore, consider taking the time to explore what the city has to offer. PMC staff will be glad to arrange local sightseeing tours and suggest places of interest to visit during your stay.

Visa Assistance, application and extension

• PMC will assist you to obtain a valid visa prior to your visit to Singapore. For more details on the list of countries that require a visa, please visit the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) website.

• Short-term Visit Pass Extension. PMC will assist you in extending your short-term visit pass if your treatment takes longer than had been anticipated.

• We will require the passports of the patient and accompanying visitors in addition to the following:

  • Application form for a visit pass (Form IMM 14)
  • Application for extension of stay on medical grounds (Form V75)
  • Doctor's letter


  • Step 1 Member to indicate enquiry type:
  • Step 2 Member to provide us the latest relevant medical documents;
  • Step 3 Local Representative/PMC will liaise with enquiring member
  • Step 4 PMC will upon the enquiring member's request type, revert via email/wechat/telcon to the enquiring member directly.
  • Step 5 Enquiring member to confirm medical treatment in Singapore
(1) Medical Health Screening Packages offered in Singapore
(2) Medical Consultation with our Singapore Medical Specialist Panel
(3) Medical Treatment in Singapore & Cost Quotation
(4) Cancer related Enquiry
(5) Heart related Enquiry
1. Brief description of current medical condition
2. Current attending physician diagnosis
3. Medical Reports, e.g. Blood tests, X-rays, Scanning Images, etc
4. Medical History, if any
5. Current medications
6. Known Allergies, where applicable
7. Any other medical related items.
1. To check that all medical information is correct and sufficient
2. Re-confirm member's enquiry and concerns, if any.
3. Process the member's case with our panel of specialist doctors
4. Get the relevant specialist doctor(s) medical opinion/commentary, recommended treatment options & indicative cost quotation.
5. It is important to note that our doctors are only able to provide an indicative commentary based on the submitted medical documents, reports. Usually our specialist doctors would require the member to conduct the proper set of medical tests and face to face consultation in Singapore for the actual and most appropriate treatment.
6. PMC will endeavour to complete this process soonest, usually in 5 to 10 workings days upon complete submission of all information. In certain circumstances, for complicated cases or major holiday seasons we may take longer than the standard timeline but we will update the affected members accordingly.
For medical treatment in Singapore, PMC will help our members to secure the appropriate specialist doctor's medical commentary, proposed medical treatment options, medical implications/considerations and also an cost quotation estimate for the enquiring member consideration.
Where appropriate, if member is interested to know more, PMC will assist and follow-up with the enquiring member on their questions.
At this stage, client will have to make a decision to consider treatment options in Singapore and the financial commitment/affordability.
PMC will assist client with the necessary paperwork and documents
The following areas are the services that PMC will assist member with;

1. Medical Visa submission and application (if needed). This process usually takes about 3 to 5 working days, a fee of SGD$50 / RMB300 (approximate) is chargeable.
2. Confirm member's travel dates and secure specialist appointments and hospital resources, where needed.
3. Member to liaise with PMC on travel arrangement details (flights, hotels/hospitals, etc).
4. On day of arrival, PMC will arrange for standard 4 seater passenger pick up transport for member. free of charge complimentary for members.
5. Following day, PMC will arrange for medical consultation first with specialist doctor for face to face consultation and checkups where relevant.
6. Expressed priority hospital admission and registration will be managed by PMC.
7. Patient-member will be taken care of a dedicated patient care officer during this period.
8. Other arrangements and ad hoc member's requests will be assisted by PMC staff.
9. Please note that all ad-hoc member's requests are payable by the member directly to 3rd party service providers, example hotels, restaurants, tours, etc.
10. PMC medical concierge will ensure that our members get the best professional service care and convenience during their stay in Singapore.
11. Upon member discharge and completion fo their medical treatment in singapore, PMC will provide the necessary follow-up administration and document for and on behalf of the members' requests.
12. Member safe returns back to home country.